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Пятница, 28.07.2017
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Теория и методика обучения (из областей знаний)
Authentic materials in teaching English to senior students
Автор: Kuimova Marina Valeryevna PhD in Pedagogical Science, associate professor Russia, National research Tomsk polytechnic university
The purpose of this article is to consider some opportunities of using authentic materials in teaching English to senior students. In general, authentic materials are examples of language produced by native speakers for some real purpose of their own rather than using language produced and designed solely for the classroom [1]. It is unquestionable that their use helps to:
·  get current information about various issues;
·  expand vocabulary;
·  improve grammar;
·  stimulate communication.
Authentic materials can be taken from TV programs, movies, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, songs, business cards, postcards, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, strip cartoons, menus, recipes, utility bills, clothing labels, receipts, tickets, the Internet, etc.
While choosing authentic materials to senior students a lecturer should consider the following criteria:
·  the information should be current (discussed problems should be interesting to students);
·  length;
·  language content (vocabulary should be introduced in advance though sometimes pre-teaching is not necessary, but it is good to have some explanations and definitions prepared);
·  task suitability [2].
Authentic materials are an essential source of information and inspiration for students because they provide the language of today which helps students to develop a strong English vocabulary; present a wide choice of styles and genres; allow students to follow current events; give true knowledge about another culture and life.
1)   Using authentic materials in the classroom. URL: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/vivian.c/Writings/Papers/AuthMat81.htm (дата обращения 15.09.2012).
2)   Using news articles. URL: http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/articles/using-news-articles (дата обращения 15.09.2012).
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