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Среда, 23.08.2017
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Социальная педагогика

Pedagogical bases of students’ socialization by mass media

Author: Kurlishchuk Inna Ivanivna, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University


Pedagogies, psychologists, sociologists and other researchers have studied socialization as an important social process. It is known that socialization is a continuous process that stretches over a person's lifetime. Socialization is a lifelong process during which we learn about social expectations and how to interact with other people. Socialization plays a major role in identity formation and social functioning. Through it, people learn the behaviors appropriate to their cultures as well as how to interact with other people within their cultures.

Socialization occurs throughout our life, but some of the most important socialization occurs in youth years.  So, the main aspects of youth socialization are connected with educational sphere.

Building modern Higher Education in Ukraine is based on the concept of formation of socially active, independent, self-sufficient person with striving for conscious attitude to their rights and obligations. The National Strategy of Higher Education is focused on the fact that one of the priorities of the national education policy should be an effective system of national education construction and development of youth socialization.

Mass media is a significant force in modern culture and it plays a strong role in the socialization process. Sociologists refer to this as a special type of culture where media reflects and creates the culture. Mass media have enormous effects on attitudes and behavior which makes it an important contributor to the socialization process. In some ways mass media can serve a positive function.  It can help youth want to be active.   It keeps they informed on recent events within a short amount of time.   In social sites it helps them to stay in contact with people whom don’t see very often.

Today media is one of the main institute of socialization that affects youth the most.

The phenomenа of youth’s socialization has been always attracted the attention of philosophers, psychologists, and educators. The fundamental works of G.Andreiva, M. Veber, Ya. Gylinskyi, Y. Giddens, V. Zenkovskyi, I. Kon, V.Moskalenko, A. Mudryk, B. Parygin, T. Parsons give an opportunity to correlate the content of the main concepts such as individuum, personality, individuality, social development, socialization to understand the originality of each, to establish the most effective mechanisms of the activation of the functions of the socialization, to identify the common factors and the process stages of the personality socialization. The main aspects of  students’ socialization   covered in the works of such scholars as V. Andriushchenko, L.Gordin, Yu. Zagorodniy, M.Karpenko, V. Lisovskyi, N.Reynvald more.  Mass media as the institute of socialization paying much attention to such scholars as N. Bogomolova, N. Gabor, V.Gorokhov, Ya. Zasurskyi, M.Nedopytanskyi, Ye. Prokhorov, O. Fedorov, O.Sharykov, V.Shramm.

Today there is a quite number of works devoted to the study of foreign and native concepts of socialization.

In the socio-pedagogical science there are two main approaches to understanding the essence of socialization. Supporters of the first (J. Balantayn, M.Weber, T.Parsons et al.) believe that the concept of the socialization process is determined by the interest of society in its members successful mastering the social roles, participating in the political, communicative, production and other types of social activity and other.

Supporters of the second approach (J. Mead, B. Paryhin, M. Rozhkov et al.) indicate a person not only as an object but as the subject of socialization. From this point of view being the subject of socialization an individual learns the social norms and values of society and its previous social experiences.

Socialization can be seen both as a process, and as a result. Socialization "as a process” – means the features of social identity formation. Socialization “as a result” means the characteristics of human social formation in accordance with their age or ego level" [2, 274].

Modern socialization process is fed through "a combination of adaptation (adaptation) and communization of  human in a particular society" [1, 267].

From our point of view, to understand modern problems of students’ socialization by mass media should consider this process as a set of social influences on the  personality with the aim to inculcate its values and social norms, social and personally meaningful qualities, ways of behavior that reveal their individual peculiarities. This is the process of active formation of identity, self-development and self-assertion by the means of mass media.

Pedagogical bases those providing effectiveness of students’ socialization by mass media are:

1) media education in the context of socialization;

2) pedagogical guidance of the process of students - mass media communication.



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