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Понедельник, 21.08.2017
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Hussein Javids activities
Author: Shams Niymat Mammadli, Baku Slavic University School-lyceum Complex
Hussein Javid - the main member of romanticism literary movement in Azerbaijan literature is the founder of national romantic rhyme and drama written in verse. His poetry consists of romantic rhymes and poems. The opposition between ideality and reality, lyric - philosophical ideas created from dreams directed searching ideal truth fix the main content of Javid’s rhymes. Poet’s lyric "me” is a preoccupied poet, living with worried senses and rich dreams.
There is a special place for poems in Javid’s activities. His first poems consist of lyric-romantic or romantic-philosophical works. Romantic behavior to life and people, philosophical generalizations defines the main purpose of these poems.
From idea - skill point of view his perfect poem is called "Azer”. It is an excellent work in which Javid expressed his views to the West and East, to Azerbaijan in the Eastern - Western plane. Azer’s travels to the Eastern and Western countries follow the purpose of learning the course of the world, choosing the best way for improving. Ideas about different peculiarities of those countries consist of the inclination of civilizations’ synthesis. The main hero of the work is a character that was taken from real life. Azer was poet’s predecessor, as if he was poet’s own image. Azer’s views to society, to the West and East are expressions of author’s own conclusions and ideas. His travels are not only for fun, but also for advancing his nation with learning the world. Azer is a new type of image that looks the world and society with new ideas, that can unbiased understand and realize processes being in the world.
The works that brought him great popularity are his dramas. He is the founder of Azerbaijan romantic drama written in verse.
His first drama is called "Mother” (1910). Selma - the main character of the work is a hospitable and proud mother and this character is a new type of image for Azerbaijan literature.
Ganpolad - Selma’s son betrothed to a circassian girl. But another boy also wants to marry her. That boy and his friend Murad kill Ganpolad. Then Murad wants to hide in Selma’s house by accident. Mother knows her son’s murderer. But she can win her deep and inward concussions, spiritual pangs and anger. Mother punishing "the traitor guest” with removing from house connects this painful, bloody fate with fortune of God.
Selma could forgive the murderer of her son. And this is also an inimitable image for the world literature.
Javid’s another work "Sheyda” (1916) deals with lives of Baku printers. In this play the presentation of hard life is in foreground. Unlike Javid’s other works in this play he has reserved a place for realist and vital problems. From the first stages of the play Sheyda’s participations with independence dreams, teaching the workers their rights help the author to express social struggles and his own ideas. This play generalizes the tragedy of people who can not find the real struggle ways although the rebel statements.
The tragedy "Sheikh Senan” (1914) is one of the masterpieces of Azerbaijan drama. This work is on the top of Javid’s romantic dramas. Javid has demonstrated the power of real love. In this play the change of man is substantially revived in example Senan’s changes after arising love to a girl. After it Sheikh believes the power of love. And in his example Javid has proved that people can rise with raising the love as belief and searching the truth.
Javid has some dramas about historical persons. "Prophet” and "Lame Teimur” are the first ones. These works have own places in Javid’s life. First in both works Javid applied for historical persons and events for the first time. Second the author approached these historical events with a modern position. Javid wanted to blame the tyranny with work "Lame Teimur”. The work "Prophet” deals with person’s rising to the sacred stage.
Hussein Javid’s masterpiece is the tragedy "The devil” which is written in 1918.  In this work his creativity in poetry and drama are perfectly expressed. The author has investigated the reasons of the wars, opened the tragedy of getting something with shedding blood and destroying. Javid has followed this bipartite behavior in the background of different people and events, showed the worst opportunities and imbued hatred feelings to the wars. "The devil” is an important drama showing the tragedy of war and calling the humanity to rescue from terrible wars. Although there are not war stages, real battle positions in this drama, the author has skillfully highlighted the people participating, being witnesses of great disasters. The tragedy is a brilliant work showing and denying the real essence of the wars.
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