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Пятница, 18.08.2017
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Экономика и управление предприятиями (по видам экономической деятельности)

Organization of  Marketing Promotional Efforts at Mineral Water Bottling Enterprises of Transcarpathian Region


Author: Kushnirenko A.M., graduate student, National University of Food Technologies


Modern conditions of severe competition, unstable market behaviour and low marketability of domestic manufacturer goods, demand for a solution by means of improving domestic enterprises marketing system, in particular - by means of implementing effective means of marketing promotion that will aid our enterprises in consideration of market demands and allow to perform competitive struggle.

Market conditions of economic management, accompanied by escalating competition, macroeconomic readings fluidity, increase of customer’s demand to the goods quality raise the necessity to seek new marketing promotion mechanisms that will provide our enterprises with a strategic place on the market.

Nowadays, a majority of organizations is involved in marketing promotional efforts. Among them: manufacturers, distributors, retail sellers, trade and commerce associations and non-commercial enterprises.

Today we can observe trends towards the increase of expenses share for marketing promotional efforts among overall distribution expenses. This is determined by the following forces:

- decrease of advertizing efficiency as a result of its price increase;

- increase of purchases quiantity which encourages the retail sellers to demand from suppliers performance of marketing promotion means;

- possibility of measuring marketing promotion means, for example, owing to information received from scanners installed at electronic sales points;

- escalation of competitive struggle on the market with similar goods, which requires the enterprise to extend their own advandages over the competitors.

-  enterprise marketing policy is to be organized in such a manner to provide the best possible competitive positions within the market, under conditions of optimum expenses level. Growth of mineral water bottling market sector on the nowadays market requires enterprises to independently decide marketing issues by means of their personal marketing policies.

Analyzing the market of mineral water bottling in Transcarpathian region, we can draw a conclusion that a growing number of beverage producers manufacture goods on a natural basis. Steady positions on the market belongs to such enterprises as LLC «Svaliava mineral waters» MPP «Alex», LLC «Aqua-Poliana», LLC «Ploskivskyi mineral waters factory» and others.

A leader on the market is considered to be LLC «Svaliava mineral waters», which was the first one to convince Ukrainian consumers in usefulness of goods, made from natural components. The enterprise was established in 1995.

Main trends of LLC «Svaliava mineral waters» activities are extraction, manufacture and distribution of the following mineral waters: «Svaliava», «Luzhanska», «Poliana-Kvasova», «Poliana-Kupel».

In defining its marketing promotion tasks, LLC «Svaliava mineral waters» relies on their mediators, who are responsible for marketing and distribution of their goods, and part of the market, occupied by the enterprise in 2012 constituted 47,8%, in other words - provides significant amount of manufacture within the region. Main innovation introduced by the enterpise is considered to be commissioning the mineral water bottling line which manufactures mineral water in glass bottles. Distribution of mineral water in glass bottles is aimed to the demand from foreign consumers, among others - from Poland Czech Republic and Hungary.

MPP «Alex» manufactures and distributes carbonated and still mineral water since 1995, by operating under its own trademark «Alex». Mission of manufacturing MPP «Alex» is to preserve, maintain and promote people’s health and lifespan. Consumers and their demands are the basis of all decisions made at the manufacturing site. In 2012 the enterprisre manufactured 9,1% of total mineral water volume within the region. Its well-known goods are bottled mineral waters such as «Poliana Kupel», «Poliana Kvasova», «Poliana Svitla», «Luzhanska», «Zdymyr».

Today MPP «Alex» invests significant funds into new high quality manufacturing lines and expands manufacturing capacities for bottling bewerages into PET bottles, and also has created an all-Ukrainian distribution system.

Taste, appearance, shelf life and other features of beverages depend on preservation and manufacturing technologies, so the enterprise established high standards. Mineral water must  reserve maximum of its natural properties.

After studying activities of main mineral water manufacturers in Transcarpathian region, we can draw a conclusion that in most cases, means of marketing promotion are applied by them in following cases:

- organization of goods demand;

- introduction of new goods to the market;

- the company’s enter to a new market;

- presence of competitive goods with similar features on the market;

- conversion of the goods from growth stage to life cycle maturity stage;

- insufficient level of consumer information on the goods, offered by companies.

Conclusions. Therefore, in order to provide an effective marketing promotion, mineral water manufacturing companies, namely of Transcarpathian region, must develop main tasks and necessary means of promotion, organize a corresponding marketing promotion program, provide supervision for its performance and analyze the results of their own activities.

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